What We Do

"I'm Going Home"

(family reunification program)

The I'm Going Home Initiative provides linkage and passage between a homeless person and their loved ones. Through this linkage, the person in need is welcomed home by a family member, or friend who has agreed to support and care for homeless person upon their arrival. The I'm Going Home package includes the following: documentation, transportation, and a Grace Care Bag. Participants are contacted upon arrival, after one week, one month and again at 3 months. At the 3 month follow up only 5% of people are back on the streets after being united.

Grace Care Bags

The Grace Care Bag contains the following: Assorted sandwiches, snacks, juice and water. Included in bag are any required medications, reading, puzzles or entertainment materials, and a contract which list the rules and terms of a mutual contract that a homeless person must abide by in order to return home and live in residence.

Grace's Meals With Love

(7) days a week

Graces' Meals With Love features a meal program that provides a homeless person with choices.

Breakfast- Choices of meat, eggs, biscuit, grits or pancakes and beverage

The environment features a positive nurturing environment wh ere a participant can dine in a nurturing environment with other homeless persons and volunteers which is conducive for positive social engagement. While dining, one can inquire about resources and be directed to social /community organizations which may offer assistance.

Grace's Water For Life

Water Distribution
(7) days a week

Grace's Clothing Closet

Grace's Clothing Closet provides those in need with clothing and hygienic supplies. Our Community Clothing Closet is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 7:30am to 8am.

If you or someone you know has clothing to donate please contact lexi@graceathegreenlight.org