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Helen & Her Son Made It to Mexico



Thanks to the support from our community!
Read below about Helen who Grace has recently sent home to be with loved ones!

We recently sent Helen and her son home to Mexico. They had been on the streets of New Orleans for one week due to unfortunate circumstances. Our social worker was able to make contact with their family and ensure that they had a stable, safe place to live once sent home. After 2 months of being home, they are doing well and enjoying being together as a family again.

Please consider donating to help others like Helen and her son. In the past year, we have helped end homelessness for 306 individuals. Since 2014, we have reunited 2,747 individuals with their loved ones. At three months of follow-up, 70 percent of these individuals are still housed with their loved ones or in homes of their own.

Going Home ToMexico