Slide MEALS SERVED 222,179+ BOTTLES OF WATER DISTRIBUTED 1,022,750+ PARTICIPANTS REUNITED WITH FAMILIES 2,610+ CLOTHING DISTRIBUTED 1,972+ Slide $35 Provides A Grace Care Bag for 3 days of travel 10 Meals 3 cases of water Enough money to send someone home Click Here Help Feed & Hydrate
the Homeless!
$10 Provides $75 Provides $200 Provides
Slide Click Here Grace at the Greenlight supports FunkyUncle.Live through
their mission to bring the funk to the people for free in
support of raising money to prevent musicians and gig
workers from becoming homeless.
What Does Grace
Mean To You?

Everyone deserves the chance to go home again.

Everyone deserves a hot meal in a clean indoor setting in the community of others.

To us, Grace is the change. A small bit of comfort, dignity and respect can make for a human being.


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