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Grace’s Jena White spoke with WVUE Fox 8 about our efforts to support the unhoused ahead of a unhoused encampment sweep by the city. Click the link below to view the story. https://www.fox8live.com/video/2023/11/17/new-orleans-working-house-people-ahead-tchoupitoulas-street-encampment-sweep/?fbclid=IwAR2U2eshpBa50pHwUttbWJU0SCSbbLf4rxW9IEYdyY3vQrkfbPHOngE0vOc
By Melissa Baker My internship as a case manager for Grace at the Green Light has been the most rewarding and motivational experience I have had during my time as a social work student at Northwestern State University. I connected with clients, other homeless organizations,...
A study recently released in the journal, eBioMedicine, concludes that optimal hydration is linked with better longevity and overall long term health. The study used data from over 11,255 adults over a 30 year period. Starting in 1987 when participants were in their 40s and...
This blog was written by Pasleigh Kelley and can be read here. Tell me a little bit about yourself – what are some of your roles and hobbies outside of Grace at the Greenlight and HTC? I’m originally from South Carolina but feel in love...
Chris Beary, the 2022 King of Tucks XXXI and also FunkyUncle.Live’s founder & executive producer, holds up a limited-edition vinyl LP of local music recorded during the ‘Fridays from the Funky Uncle’ pandemic concert series. Only 4,000 copies of the LP were pressed and they...
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