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Scott & Tammy are Going Home with Grace



Thanks to the support from our community!
Read below about Scott & Tammy who Grace has recently sent home to be with loved ones!

Meet Scott! Scott traveled to New Orleans with his girlfriend, Tammy, to seek medical care after being diagnosed with lung cancer. While trying to get established in a new city, Scott & Tammy suffered multiple financial hardships that eventually had them living out of a tent under the interstate and unable to move back home. After hearing about Grace’s Meals with Love Program and Community Clothing Closet, Scott and Tammy would show their faces in the morning to get a hearty breakfast, snacks for the day and have their choice at clothing and supplies out of our closet! Eventually, the two would tell us their story and how they had family back home that they hadn’t been able to keep in touch with. After helping Scott and Tammy reconnect with their families, Scott’s sister graciously offered to open up a room back home in Iowa Falls, IA until Scott & Amy could get back to their feet.

Going Home ToIowa Falls, IA