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Featured Going Home Stories with Ivan & Leo



Grace at the Green Light, is not only dedicated to serving meals to the homeless, we are also committed to sending our patrons home to their families when they are without a way. Below you can read about two patrons we sent home to their families just in time for the holidays.
We met Ivan after he had been staying at a local homeless shelter for a few nights. Ivan originally came from Washington state, trying to make his way to Florida to be with his daughter and grandchildren who had just escaped a domestic violence situation. When Ivan ran out of funds, he was left on the streets of New Orleans until he found out about our Going Home program. We were able to talk to Ivan’s daughter and confirm that he was coming to help her take care of her children. Ivan is now home with his family in Florida.
Going Home ToFlorida
Last week we met Leo. Leo had been in treatment at a local behavioral health hospital since October. Once he completed his treatment, he was brought to downtown New Orleans and dropped off in front of a homeless shelter. Leo was left stranded in a strange city where he knew no one. By word of mouth, Leo found out about our Going Home program and we were able to quickly get in touch with his sister in Alabama, who wanted him to come home to stay with her. We are now happy to say that Leo is safe at home with family for the holidays!
Going Home ToAlabama
If you would like to send someone like Ivan or Leo home for the holidays, please donate here. $250 provides a bus ticket and food for travel.