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David is Going Home with Grace



Thanks to the support from our community!
Read below about David who Grace has recently sent home to be with loved ones!

David came to New Orleans looking for work in April of 2021 and became unsheltered after facing an infection in his leg while suffering from depression and addiction. After recently being released from the hospital to get the infection in his leg under control, we met David one day at breakfast. David told us how he had taken steps to recover from addiction and could still not find steady work. We were able to help David get in touch with his grandfather back home, in Akron, OH, who promised to help get David back on his feet and help find him a job. David wants to work outdoors or in construction and his grandfather promised David a place to stay until he can get the support he needs! With the help from our supporters, we were able to raise $250 necessary to send David home!

Going Home ToAkron, OH