Care not Cash with Graceful Change Cards!

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Don’t give spare change, make change with Grace!

Graceful Change Cards instead of cash

“Care, not cash is always a better option,” says Sarah Parks, Greenlight’s Director of Outreach. “But cash is easy, and we understand that people want to help.”

In order to provide sponsors and volunteers an alternative to class Grace at the Greenlight has printed up Graceful Change Cards – showing the location and registration time for their program. Easy to hand out at stoplight or on the street, the cards point the way to services. “I work with the homeless in our city so I don’t feel comfortable ignoring homeless people, but we know cash isn’t always the best way to help,” offers Lorelei Ashe, Director of Community Relations “I feel very comfortable handing out these cards and explaining that a hot meal is available 365 days a year.”


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