Who We Are


Offering New Orleans unhoused population choices while providing for their basic needs (water, food, clothing and community) in a loving manner that embraces the human spirit.


Core Beliefs

1) A homeless person has very few choices. Even when begging, the homeless do not have a choice - having to take whatever is given, if anything. We believe that the homeless should be listened to and have a say in the gifts given. The power of choice will lift the human spirit.

2) Many of the homeless do not have their basic needs met of love, compassion, food, clothing, shelter, etc... These basic needs should be met by our community.


Grace at The Green Light is hard at work changing the culture of our great city. Every day, it's our mission to provide care for the people who need it the most. We've all seen someone down and out looking for a little hope at the green lights, and as we speed away to our lives, they're still there. Grace at The Green Light hopes to provide essentials to not only help New Orleans homeless, but to show them there are people out there who do care about them.

We Believe In New Orleans

Of the 369,250 residents of New Orleans, almost 7,000 are homeless and twice that number meet HUD's definition of homelessness. The lack of affordable housing, domestic violence and disabilities such as mental health/substance abuse contribute to the cycle of chronic homelessness in New Orleans.

Lets Change how we see our neighbors

Let's change how we see our neighbors Alarming numbers show that 2,697 homeless New Orleanian's experience symptoms of mental or physical disability. Moreover, 570 veterans are estimated to be chronically homeless. We can change this. New Orleans is a city renowned for its perseverance and strength. We beat a devastating hurricane, and oil spill. Together, we can beat how the homeless in New Orleans are treated, and we can provide services that lend humanity to the people we see every day.